Flashbacks of Good

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  • Cracked white ice on the road.

    Broken, but the same

    I was walking along a road and suddenly the ice cracked beneath my feet.  I looked down and realized that broken or smooth, the ice patches were made of the same ingredients: frozen water = H2O!

    A broken heart may seem to shatter and be something else, however the heart can never lose its essential ingredients:  enduring love, compassion, courage, and enthusiasm.  This is my flashback of good for today.  Suzy Shepard

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  • Nighttime under a streetlight, a grandmother and her granddaughter see how even their shadows are connected.


    We were walking out of the play and it was very dark.  My granddaughter took one look at our shadows and cried, “Look grandma, our shadows are together!”  I thought it so poignant that my granddaughter discovered another way we are close and connected.

    There are natural laws that will always keep you connected to something good — even when you don’t have the strength, inclination, or knowledge on how to make this connection.  This is my flashback of good for today.  Suzy Shepard

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  • My grand daughter spinning for over an hour, dressing up, and listening to music in her pink princess costume.

    Whirling dervish

    The whirling dervishes are dancers who spin to empty themselves of distracting influences.  On this morning, my granddaughter reminded me of the spinning Sufis.  She spent more than an hour whirling to her favorite music.  She was in a trance of freedom and joy.

    Having to make sure everything is right and on time can be a burdensome responsibility for you.  Take time each day to spin out of control and be in a good meditative place of your own.  This is my flashback of good for today.  Suzy Shepard

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  • A little twenty month old child learning to stand on her head.

    Topsy turvy world

    I remembered when having my world turned upside down was fun!   Then adulthood arrived and I had to learn that the untoward traumatic topsy turvy events were resolved when I could find hope and joy in getting up and moving on.

    The world turning upside down in utter confusion is simply your cue to find the best of who you are, raise yourself up, and go forward with joy and good expectations.  This is my flashback of good for today.  Suzy Shepard

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